Ordering Appointment


At our session I will photograph 200-300 images.  I respect your time way too much to bother you with showing you that many.  I batch-edit and cull the daunting hundreds of images down to a much less overwhelming amount, about 20-60 depending on the kind of session we shot.  This “batch-editing” is not the same as retouching.  (All purchased images will be fully, hand-retouched.)  For this ordering appointment, your images are shined up like a new penny so you can see how they display in terms of color and crop.

The ordering appointment is a week or two after the session.  (That’s always flexible, of course.)  Anyone involved in making buying decisions should come to the ordering appointment.  Being a children’s photography studio, I always welcome little ones; this appointment is no exception.  However, in some cases it might be good to arrange a time when you can be kid-free in order to opt for sanity!  😉   That said, there will be no stink-eye if you come with kids in tow.  I’m a mom too.  Sometimes a babysitter is just not an option!  You just take a deep breath and carry on being superwoman.


Have in mind what you’d like for your home assuming all the images are amazing.  You probably already had some idea of this before we even shot.  This Pinterest Board may just inspire you with what you can to with your awesome photographs

  • Are you needing to revive lifeless wall space in your home?  Most people answer YES to this one.  Look at the SPACE(S) in your home you’ll be making-over.  Measure the width and height.  The size of the area directly impacts the size of the prints and quantity of prints.  Lots and lots of people think an 8×10 is a sufficient size for a wall because it looks “big” when we hold it in our hand.  But holding it a foot away from your face is much different than it hanging 20 feet away.  One of the AWESOME features of this ordering appointment is my ability to show you exactly what your images look like as 8×10, as 20×20, as 30×40.  It is SO helpful to not have to wonder what size is right for your space.
    💡 Taking that one GIANT STEP FURTHER,  if you know for a fact you are going to hang images on a specific wall in your home, let me show you what your images will look like ACTUAL SIZE and ON YOUR WALL.  Here’s how…
  • If you have gift prints you’re planning on handing out, go ahead and get your homework done.  Find out from your mom if she wants 5×7 or 8×10.   Dot those i’s and cross those t’s.
  • Before the ordering appointment, it’s a good idea to review once more the Investment Page to familiarize yourself with your options.

I do not post an online gallery, so feel free to invite guests such as parents and in-laws to your ordering appointment, especially if you have planned to join forces together and split a Collection.  In many cases when we’ve shot a newborn session, baby’s grandparents are in town to help with the new baby.  So by all means, let me know if you want to schedule the ordering appointment for a time when they are still in town. I’m happy to accommodate!


Payment is due at this appointment. Some clients choose to pay in full, others spread things out a bit.  Either way is just fine.  Final pick-up is once the balance is settled, unless we make other payment plan arrangements.  Cash, Check, Visa, MC, and Discover are accepted.