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Sessions during the weekday:

Newborn Session Fees start at $270

Newborn Sessions are for brand new, sleepy babies within the first 10 days of life

Studio Session Fees start at $135 

Studio Sessions are for older babies, children, and families.

Maternity Session Fees start at $135 

Maternity Sessions are third trimester sessions for mom and dad and baby's siblings.

Outdoor Session Fees start at $135

Outdoor Sessions are for children and families. Babies photographed outdoors should be great sitters if we are focusing on baby at this session.

Professional Headshots Session $45

The above session fees are for daytime sessions Monday through Friday.  Session Fees increase slightly for evening sessions, Saturday sessions, sessions outside Fayette or Jessamine Counties, and sessions at the client’s home.


Each session will have an accompanying Ordering Appointment a week or two after the session.  Anyone involved in making buying decisions should come to the ordering appointment.  Being a children’s photography studio, I always welcome little ones; this appointment is no exception.  However, in some cases it might be good to arrange a time when you can be kid-free in order to opt for sanity!  ;)

Payment is due at this appointment. Some clients choose to pay in full, others spread things out a bit.  I’m happy to accommodate clients in any way I can!

Follow these links for more on this:

Ordering Appointment
Planning Your Space Is EASY


These canvases are the best of both worlds: Classic, yet modern.  Gallery Wraps are ready-to-hang; they do not require a trip to the framer to complete the piece.  

Single Gallery Wrap Canvases start at $210 for a 14 inch piece.

Canvases also are available in cluster form.  These multiple-canvas wall groupings make a stunning impression and are more cost-effective than buying each canvas individually.


Wall Portraits are a staple in every home.  Large or small, they’re loved for generations to come.  Wall Portraits are rigid photographic prints with a protective coating, and are completed when they are framed. 

Wall Portraits start at $135 for a 14 inch print. 

Small Prints

8x10   $50 

5x7   $40 

4x6 and smaller $35


Fine Art Flush Mount Albums are the Cadillac of personal books.  Each Album is custom designed according to the particular images the client chooses.  In fact, every aspect of an album is customizable.  Clients choose albums when only the best will do.

Fine Art Flush Mount Albums start at $1050

Coffee Table Books are insanely popular.  Starting a library of picture books is the best way to have all the favorites from every session without having to find twenty 5x7 frames, and twenty places to put 5x7s!

Coffee Table Books are $400


Birth Announcements, Christmas Cards, Birthday Invitations, and Personalizes Thank You notes continue to be a sophisticated tradition, and an elevated way of sharing photographs of the people you love.  Cards are always custom designed.

Greeting Cards start at $2 per card.  Minimum: 25

Envelopes included with folded cards only.  


With Printable Digital Image Files, clients are given permission and high resolution image files to make their own desk prints.  12, 24, and 48 quantities are from the SAME session.   Robin Allen Photography retains copyright ownership.

48 Images - $1750

24 Images - $1125

12 Images - $725


Share Files are LOW resolution digital copies of every image that was purchased from this session.  Share Files are NOT FOR PRINT and have a watermark on the image.

Altering the photograph (e.g. cropping or other editing) is not permitted, as these files are copyrighted.

Share Files are included in many collections.  These files are also available for purchase without a collection purchase.   $55 for all the images purchased in one session.


These bundles of product are highly customizable.  Clients are welcome to trade out one product for another, or upgrade existing products. 

UNITS and share files cannot be traded out.

Canvas Collection

Includes up to 30 images

Lay Flat Coffee Table Book 
10x10 keepsake box
TWO 20 inch gallery wrap canvases
20 units
share files

60% off the purchase of printable digital files


Wall Art Collection

Includes up to 24 images

20 inch Wall Portrait
14 inch wall portrait
lay flay coffee table book (includes up to 20 images)
5x7 keepsake box
20 units
share files

55% off the purchase of printable digital files


Wall Art Petite Collection

Includes up to 12 images

20 inch wall portrait
16 units
share files

30% off the purchase of printable digital files


Quick Prints Collection

Includes up to 7 images

12 units

15% off the purchase of printable digital files.


Specialty Collection: Maternity Collection

Includes up to 7 images

14 inch gallery wrap canvas
six desk prints (not units)
share files

15% off the purchase of printable digital files


Specialty Collection: First Birthday Collection

Includes up to 20 images

Nine Series
25 birthday invitations or thank-you cards
20 inch wall portrait
16 units
share files

35% OFF the purchase of printable digital files