Good to Meet You

Robin the Photographer

Odds are you probably don’t really care where I went to school, what my degree is, or what kind of equipment I use.   I agree it’s pretty irrelevant.  A “nice camera” doesn’t “take good pictures.”  Instead, a seasoned professional photographer learns to see, and learns to interact with people.  

I graduated college in 2006 with an art degree and I dove straight in to this career.  Photography, and specifically portraiture, was a perfect marriage of art, design, and creativity, and interaction and personal relationships.  I love people.  Even the strange ones-  I just do.  And I love making pretty things.  It really is a perfect fit for me.

I love the newborn because of the reverence for a tiny life that comes with photographing a newborn. Strangely, every time I meet a baby who isn’t even a week old, I’m consistently taken aback at how little they are! I’ve photographed hundreds of infants!  Why am I still surprised!?   Also, I love the new, new baby because of the challenge. Newborn photography is hard! It requires set-up, preparation, a plan, supplies, instinct, experience, and self-awareness.  I have learned to troubleshoot why exactly a baby might fuss, and get creative when a pose mom wants isn’t working.  I love this kind of session because I have the ability to control so many aspects of the session that making an amazing photograph is very achievable.

I love the child for completely different reasons.  Every child behaves completely differently.  Each child responds to me differently. But every child is authentic.  They are who they are. They are not yet self-conscious or concerned about appearances; they just care about being silly, or looking at a leaf or climbing stairs up and down up and down.  A lot of these kids smile at… nothing.  Because our eyes met. That’s it!  Or because I made a funny sound.  I think most adults could take a lesson from these tots.  Yes, they too are challenging.  No kid stays put like a newborn does.  If they’re awake, they wiggle, and they wander.  So I constantly adjust.  I’m constantly keeping the session moving.  

I really also love shooting the moms and dads too - because I am one.  I know what it’s like to be photographed 6 days after having a baby. Twice.  It’s quite the vulnerable place to be.  I felt not particularly pretty, and stressed out, and completely emotional.  SO, when two young parents come to my studio, I bet they are in a similar boat.  I try to serve them the way I needed. I remind her she IS beautiful, AND superwoman.  Not only do I say the things that I myself needed hear, I am careful to position and light them in the most flattering way possible.  I work to find the best angle possible for everyone; especially mom.  I’d rather take too much time getting it perfect than rush through a shot and make images that fall flat. 

I seriously could talk all day about my loves.  Ask me anything.  I’d love to chat.  

But in case some do still want to know,  I have a BA from UK; major in Art Studio, with a 24 hour focus in photography, and a minor in business.  My current camera is a Canon1D Mark IV and my glass is always a Canon prime lens. I’ve been a studio photographer since 2006, with no end in sight!


Life is an awfully big adventure …

reflection of me in the mirror
cartoon Robin
children in a shelf
my family
My three favorite people, and Curious George. They keep life so interesting, and so full.